Modular Prefabricated Buildings

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Pharmaceutical & Medical Solutions


Instaspace Modular can design, manufacture and supply Prefabricated, Modular Building Systems for use as waiting rooms, administration buildings, GP and dental practices.

Our expert design team can assist in determining the size of unit required in the initial stages of the building process. These first phase unit/s can then be added to or scaled up, when demand for additional space arises.

Instaspace - Pharmaceutical & Medical solutions
  • We can provide buildings that can be fitted out and functioning within as little as a few days
  • Instaspace Modular offer a full fit-out option for specialist units that includes utilities like water, electrical and mechanical installations, compressed gasses and filtered air
  • All of our buildings are designed and manufactured off-site, then craned into position, which can maximise the use of small or very ‘tight’ spaces
  • By constructing our modular units off-site, on-site disruption is reduced and overall safety and security is improved
  • Our prefabricated units are required to meet the same building regulations as conventional construction, which means that you get the same quality, reliability and durability, as you would with more traditional construction