All of our Commercial and Administration units are available for Purchase or Rental.

Why work with us

We offer modular systems that can be designed and constructed to suit a diverse range of commercial and administration needs, including sales/marketing hubs, customer service facilities, call centres, retail units, information centres and temporary/permanent office and canteen accommodation.

Our quality structures include, single and multi-storey options, flat or pitched roofed designs and a wide and diverse range of internal layouts and finishes to suit individual building needs and specifications.

  • Instaspace Modular off-site constructions are robust and durable in design, with a predicted life span of at least fifty years.
  • All of our buildings are insulated and finished to the highest building regulation and specification standards.
  • Our expert design team is available for consultation and will assist and help you to fulfil your additional accommodation requirements and needs.
  • Instaspace Modular building units can be arranged to suit a multiplicity of needs, including open planned or partitioned spaces.